Don’t Know What to Do With the Unlimited Internet? Read On to Find Out!

The Internet is huge, and that is the reason why many people get confused when they first get an unlimited internet plan. Unlimited internet plan means you have the full freedom of using as much data as you can. If you recently got an unlimited internet connection but don’t have a clue on how to take most out of it then continue reading this article. This article is meant for everyone who is seeking tips about how s/he should spend their internet data.


#1 Tip- Make Google Your Best Friend

Everyone knows about Google and what is does unless you live in a rock age. Google is a search engine which gives you search results according to your search input. When you have an unlimited internet, you can actually use Google to get answers to everything that you need to know. From a small translate of a French word to get an answer of where to invest your money. You have the full freedom to ask Google anytime whatever you want and whenever you want.

#2 Tip- Make a List of your Interest and Follow the Similar Websites

The Internet is huge, and there are some hundreds of websites in each category. You just have to make a list of thigs that you are interested in and the websites that serve in that particular niche. Then follow those websites regularly to polish your knowledge and interest as well. For example, if you love to know about world politics then you can follow some most popular news agencies like the NYTimes, Washington post, Huffington Post and some other in that category. Similarly if you are a tech lover and want to keep yourself updated with everything happening in tech industries, then follow some tech websites like Mashable, Techcrunch, Cnet, TheVerge. Similarly, you can also find sites for Health, Drawing, Videography, Acting; you get the idea.

#3 Tip- YouTube

Chances are you already familiar with YouTube. This is the largest video sharing network in the world with millions of videos. YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine after Google. People love to watch things rather than reading, and that is where YouTube plays a huge role. There are hundreds of thousands of YouTube channel available for nearly everything. Like the 2nd tip here also you can subscribe to channels that you are interested in and you will be amazed at videos in that category. You will learn a lot. YouTube also a great place for learning and exploring. You just need to know how to use YouTube to get started.

#4 Tip- Forget Downloading Start Streaming

Downloading is one of the common things that every internet users do. Downloading includes file like movies, music, Videos, Documents. People prefer downloading as it helps them save their internet data, but as you have an unlimited plan, you should now start streaming. There are both free and paid websites for streaming movies, streaming music, and streaming videos. You can also watch Anime, Video Songs and much more with online streaming. Online streaming is better than downloading, and you will know that once you start using.

Unlimited Internet can also replace your TV as there is now some premium video subscribing sites like Netflix and Amazon videos available where you can watch TV shows, Movies, Talk Shows, Sports, News by just paying a small amount as subscription fees.

#5 Tip- Social Media is your New Place for Hangout

Internet without social media is not acceptable. We have now some popular social network sites where you can share your daily life with your friends, and see what they are doing with their life. Follow your favorite sports person, celebrity and other public figures to see what they are sharing every day. Facebook is one of the best places following by Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Plus, WhatsApp. There are some others too, but they are not that worth of your attention.

Wrap Up

Internet is huge, and it gets, even more power when you get the unlimited internet plans. With unlimited Internet plan, the sky is the only limit as you can do a whole lot of things which you had no idea. This article tried its best to give you the possible things you can do to get the most out of your unlimited internet. Remember every power comes with some responsibilities. The same also applies toward the internet. You can easily get addicted to the internet so play safely.

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