How To Take Advantage Of Everything IPads Have To Offer

Many people have a believe that they will not be able to use an iPad since they are not very familiar with technology or iOS platform. If you are one those people who feel the same way, then you should definitely check this article. After reading this article, you will know how easy it is to handle an iPad or any other tablets for that matter. There are many useful tips found within.


#1 Tip- Protect your iPad with a Screen Protector

This is more of a hack than a tip. Get a screen protector for your iPad before you begin to use the device. There is no doubt that the iPad screen is made of high-quality materials, they can still be damaged relatively easily if they are not protected or handled poorly. The smallest grain of dirt rubbed across the screen with your finger can result in a large scratch. So, better use a screen protector for your iPad or just get ready live with a scratched display.

#2 Tip- Stop iPad to Suggest you Wi-Fi Network

Frustrated by seeing a frequent notification asking you to join a Wi-Fi network? There is an easy fix to this issue. Simply turn off the Ask to Join settings. You will still be able to join networks; however, this from now you have to go to the Wi-Fi setting and join the network you want to. This simple fix is way better that always receiving Wi-Fi signal notification.

#3 Tip- Play with Notifications

iPad Notifications

Are you getting too many notifications? This thing happens with most of us when we receive notifications from the app that we don’t need/want. If that the case then, you should go to your settings and tap on notifications. Here will have access to all the apps and you can choose from which app you want notifications and from which app you don’t. You can use even this setting to enable notification that you had disabled before.

#4 Tip- It is better to Backup your Data

Back up your iPad and its data often. Your iPad will soon be a major piece of technology for your daily life, which will have all your data including movies, music, your personal photos, office documents, contacts and lot more. You would never want to lose those sensitive data. Make it a habit of doing a backup of your iPad every night so that there is no chance that these documents will be lost forever. Remember, your iPad is still a piece of technology; it can break or brick with almost zero warning.

#5 Tip- Make Multitasking Easy

Most of the current generation devices are meant to do multi tasks in day to day life. iPad is a great device to multitasking. We always switch from one app to another to perform a certain task. Do you need to switch from one app to another very often? You should activate the multitasking gestures which can be found in the general tab of your settings. You will then be able to swipe left or right to switch apps, swipe up to see your multitasking bar and pinch your fingers if you want to access your home.

Wrap Up

Did these tips help you? Or do you still feel like iPad is not your cup of tea? If yes then my suggest would take your first step and dive into this wonderful technology of iPad as soon as you get one. Then slowly perform all the tips I mentioned in this article. You will start loving your iPad. These tips were designed especially for those who are getting started with the iPad or have very less knowledge about the technology. If you are an average or pro iPad user, then this article is not for you.

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  • Most of the websites are now only posting articles about advanced things about iPad, but they forget that there people like me who doesn’t understand those technical terms.

    I found this article helpful and perfectly written for guys like me.

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